Monday, 8 February 2010

2010 Already

Cannot believe its 2010 already, but it is, so there we are, into my half century year.I taught myself to crochet granny squares by watching a video on YouTube, thankfully one was in slow motion so i could see exactly what she was doing. Then i watched another one on treble crochet, the result was a great bag, which you can almost see, if it werent for Penny taking a nap on it. It was only half done then so i didnt mind. I finished it today , all lined etc, so i was quite pleased, even though id originally bought the wool to knit a cardiganWe are forecast to get more snow, i really hope they are wrong, im sick of the stuff, weve only just got rid of the last lot and i dont fancy any more this year.
I will try and post more this year, i do keep up with my friends blogs, its just that i forget to add to my own.I am off now to get started on a pair of slippers, hope they go to plan!
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