Friday, 30 November 2012

Some weeks ago, i sent this and a mug cosy off to a customer, paypal sent me the wrong address, i sent it recorded, but it was never returned to finally
got a letter from the royal mail a couple of weeks back saying they were passing it to there lost depot..i presume the depot isnt actually lost,but its where lonely packages go to live..anyway, today i got a letter and a cheque to cover my missing stuff and after me being not very nice to the Royal Mail, let me just say Thanks! it pays to send recorded and follow up if it goes astray, but most of all, take pics of whats inside the package and have all reciepts of your outlay, i sent copies of my paypal expense for yarn im a happy bunny,.... no im not, ive just sent back my android tablet at a cost of £7.55 special delivery for a refund, and i want my postage back!

Friday, 23 November 2012

These Mug Cosies and mitts are still needing to find new homes, available on my FB page or in my Etsy shop

I have been absent for ages, but ive not been lazy , i have been knitting and crocheting, working in a charity shop, now finished there, but on a new list of relief workers in a charity bookshop, cant wait to start there ! Three tea-cosies are off to new lives keeping Canadian teapots warm, and many pairs of mitts are dotted around the UK helping hand stave off the chill, and by the looks of the forecast..i will need my pair tomorrow