Sunday, 9 August 2015

Never can i remember me ever having to wear my winter sweaters in July and August, but thats what ive had to do, all my tee-shirts are laying in the drawers unworn this year. Its been so cold, i even had the heating on one evening, guess global warming isnt happening in Aberdeen then.....

 this is madams...are we going for a walk...face
 love the colour of this poppy
this year there dont seem to be any butterflies, this daisy normally has bees and butterflies on it, not this year though, was going to join in and do the annual butterfly count, spend 15 mins counting...wasted my time, didnt see one!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

long time no see

a lot has happened since i last wrote..... we have a new addition to our must have been fate when i saw her on the Scottish  Staffordshire Bullterrier rescue page , because she was called ....Rosie, and we lost our Rosie last Sept, so i asked about her and it was agreed there could be a meet. Saturday 11 weeks ago was the day....i was so worried that my oldie Penny wouldnt like her, no worries, Tracy brought her little boy with her and it distracted Penny, Cassie took to her no bother. So home we went with her...all was fine , then we realised, there were damp patches wherever shed been sitting or lying.Ive had an incontinent dog before so knew the signs. Off to the supermarket to get kids trainer pants, cut hole for tail,pop onto Rosie, temporarily solved. Trip to vets, antibiotics first to see if its an , its not, onto medication, then gradually reduce till its at a fit for her. She is a lovely girl, prefers to be crated at night and when we go out, sits atop of long suffering Cassie, very affectionate,loves people and dogs, hates birds, wont have them in the here she is

Cute, isnt she????

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Aberdeen Karate Club: Welcome to my new blog....Coming soon, lots of inf...

Aberdeen Karate Club: Welcome to my new blog....Coming soon, lots of inf...: Welcome to my new blog....Coming soon, lots of info on the clubs beginnings....and the many Karate Black Belts, who started their careers ...

Saturday, 3 January 2015

my take on potato and spinach cakes

I didnt invent these , got the basics  from here spinach cakes and then i added some extras

heres what you need

2 med potatos cooked and chopped
big handful of spinach, chopped
3tbs gluten free flour
3 small chopped mushrooms
2 beaten eggs
large red onion , chopped
half chopped green pepper
teaspoon minced garlic
salt and fresh ground pepper

combine all in a large bowl and spoon into a frying pan that has some sunflower in the base, cook for a few mins on both sides then transfer to baking sheet, Pop in hot oven, gas mark 7 for 15 mins......enjoy!

I made enough for two days and heated them from the fridge at gas 6 for 20 mins, turning twice to make sure they got brown

you could easly change up what you add to the mix, im going to add tuna next time to make it a complete meal but sweetcorn, tomatos, peas,nuts or pre-soaked beans all sound good

unexpectantly having to go gluten and dairy free

so ....due i think to the menopause ive had to change what i eat. Due to all sausages having wheat in them ive gone and chosen some minced pork to make some meat balls.So im going to share a recipe with you that tastes great hot or cold

large handful of chopped cooked spinach
1 red onion chopped
half a green pepper ,chopped
2 small mushroom,chopped
salt and lots of fresh ground black pepper
pack of minced pork

combine all the above in a large bowl and then use your hands to form medium or smalll sized  balls, and pop on to baking tray...into oven, gas 6 for 30 to 40 min, turning once or twice, eat hot or cold