Sunday, 20 October 2013

got a laptop now so no sitting alone upstairs in the spare room....

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

these purple mitts arent in my Etsy shop yet, but the bracelet is available there, knitted another pair of mitts, love them too much to sell, theyre going to be mine...getting decidedly cold now, i fear Cassie is feeling the cold already so im doing her a cowl to wear when were out walking....more carrots and apples to chop up for the dogs, much better for them than dog treats

Monday, 7 October 2013

Further to having Penny on a diet, ive been adding carrots to their meals every night so tonight i tried something else...mashed neeps...or turnips to those  not of Scots ancestry....went down a treat, bowls licked shiny and clean, Penny may not look too much slimmer but she has more "go " about her ,so much so, she was on top of the sofa with Cassie looking out the window this morning when we got home from shopping

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I have added a new line to my  Etsy shop....lovely chunky Boot Toppers/Cuffs

Chunky knit Lime Green Boot Cuffs in basket weave pattern, wear long or folded over
£16 plus P&P

Chunky Ribbed Hand Knitted Boot Cuffs in deep purple, wear folded over or long over the knee..look cute with ankle boots too!
£20 with FREE UK POST....these are now SOLD

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Room full of dog duvets

whew...what a night, hardly got any sleep with Cassie crying off and on, kept getting up to pop her out in case she needed to wee, but she just blundered into stuff wearing that huge buster collar, finally gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs at 5....ended up me and Penny on the sofa ant the other two on duvets, my living room now has 3 doggie duvets on the floor and another in the kitchen...ive to keep Cassie quiet and not jumping up for 10 whole days !!! Really ? how is that ever going to happen?? I have a plan, she is either going to be watched by me or hubby, if neither of us can watch her, then collar on and into the kitchen and the door firmly shut.On a lighter note, the garden is looking so much brighter and bigger since we cut down our trees, a lot of work but it was worth it and will mean less work in the future..knitting a shocking pink tea cosy today, have to decide what accents to put on it...if i can stay awake that is

Monday, 9 September 2013

Got a request for a mug cosy with an owl, hunted through a heap of papers and found a pattern for a felt owl, the body was brown but ive gone for light blue, stuffed him lightly so he doesnt look flat, now he looked plump, hope he will be flying to a new roost soon

As you can see ive been very very busy with my new range of Dog Cowls, these are just a few, more in my shop....and since its turning cooler, these are great for an early morning especially if your dog has a thin coat. these are in my Etsy Shop or on my Facebook page .
I also made a lovely dog coat for Sylvie shown here
These are made to order and i can usually get any colour  to suit your needs...prices will vary , you can order  via my Etsy Shop

Monday, 22 July 2013 she is..Cassie, a 3 and a half year old Staffy that we got from the cat and dog home...she has fitted in very nicely and now come with me on my morning healthy walk round the moor

Friday, 17 May 2013

 Paper beads, and more paper beads
 Paper bead ear-rings....all mine
The only bad bit about making these beads is the glue on my fingers..every bead means gummy fingers, then washing fingers followed by gummy fingers....experimenting with thicker paper and more strips held together, burnt the first lot of big beads in the too hot oven, they went a lovely sepia colour, sadly no good to use, they are now sitting looking not very pretty in a little clay  bowl

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

First off i am showing my Journal/notebook cover, it comes with a hardback journal inside and is fully reusable for any A5 book,its base is 100% Jute with fabric , paper, lace, buttons and yarn can find it and lots more of these and my new Gift Tags here

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wonder where i've been ??  Ive been making these of little Jute baskets

These are very cute, had to keep one for myself and it was hard to pick one, below is my choice
Also, discovered extreme knitting
 Lovely big cushion was my second go at this
 My Hubby toiled away making these
 My first attempt was this bag, its made from strips of blanket weight fabric and very hard to knit with
These are my needles that Hubby made me from dowling we got at B&Q

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Finished this too late last night to take a pic, so just done that now, really like how it turned out, its for sale on my Etsy Shop along with lots of new felted brooches and shawl pins

Saturday, 2 March 2013

The decoupage mannequin is dry enough for a test photo...looks very French vintage... was worth the mulberry paper and getting glue everywhere, have to re-coat  it tomorrow then hopefully my back-drop board will be ready too

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

 Just some of the feeders, they wont be full for long, the bird were on them as soon as i moved away
 Frozen solid again and i had to break the ice in the pond all the bushes i cut down yesterday are in a frozen heap waiting to go to the tip

Monday, 25 February 2013

Been out in the garden...cut down the huge Escallonia that was out of control, it was rubbing against the shed and the edge of its roof and i didnt want the roof felt to tear like it did before, when it and leaked through to the inside, plus, you had to squeeze past so if it was wet you got soaked, been threatening to sort it out and decided today was the day, i can now see my shed, in this photo the bush is still next to the shed...moved the old "stray cat" house, which she didnt use even after id put carpet inside it, she liked the old rubbish one that i made out of an old plastic container, but it fell to bits so i got this one that was used for transporting cats, and did she go inside, and anyway, she was fooling me, she lives down the road !
rice cakes for lunch yesterday...trying to lose a few pounds before i go on holiday..its a losing battle really...and after a week, rice cakes and ryvitas tend to lose their appeal, and this is only day 1

wow its cold this to work in a bit, ordered some Mulberry paper to decoupage my mannequin with, decided it was worth the expensive paper as i want it to last longer, chose a not too "bitty" type , think its just called banana..hope it comes soon, and the gluing will begin! or i may just paint it ?

But first i must use my stepper, hate the dam thing but needs must..............

Just limped off my easier today, ironic though, the 3rd Bee Gees song..staying live !! but feeling half pathetic am i ? 15mins tops and im done, my own fault, i hate exercise of any kind, except walking and the dogs cant walk fast now,and im not going round the streets on my own, and i never stick at a class, fancied zumba then thought twice,cause id be the one at the back having a heart attack after 5 stepper it is...i feel ok now, coffee is calling

Thursday, 21 February 2013

At last....spring has come to my garden...the snowdrops are almost in time the sun pops out im going to do some tiding up, it will be good for the dogs to get out too, but i know they will soon go back inside to lay on the sofa, they only stay out if they can sunbathe !

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

 Bought a laminator today and the first results looked good, going to make some business cards , but first a new Mixed Media card,see below, 7 x 5 can be framed as art piece

 My latest Mixed Media Wall-hanging....ive used a nice piece of twisted copper as a hanger, this piece is £16 with FREE UK POST

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

This was the bird bath when we had snow and ice, had to put hot water into it, the birds were very thirsty, they didnt even let the water cool going to post at least once a week from now on, hoping to show the changing face of the garden as the winter retreats

FineFibre: New Felt Scarf

FineFibre: New Felt Scarf  this is fab! and if someone wants a tutorial on felting stones, then here is one i love

felted stones

A fabulous blog is having a giveaway, click in the link  below to see for yourself
There are three beautiful items to be pop over now for a look...and while we are on fabulous sites,i have been looking at all sorts of felted goodies that i want to share i will start off
 by pointing you in this direction of a lovely Etsy shop where the creations are stunning, but if its creatures you like, look no further than felt Genie and Angela.....if its jewellery in felt that you crave, have a drool at this Etsy off now to search for more lovely things to covet

Monday, 18 February 2013

 Mixed Media Card with needlfelt heart, suitable for lots of occasions, and for framing, 7ins x 5 ins, card is blank inside
£3.50 plus P&P
 Mixed Media Card suitable for lots of occasions, and for framing, 7ins x 5 ins, card is blank inside
£3.50 plus P&P
 Mixed Media Wallhanging ,This one has a knitted dense base with buttons,foil,silk and beads... all unique,no two will be the same.
This one measures 6.5 ins x 4.5 ins approx has little hanging bar on the back
 Mixed Media Wallhanging, Featuring a knitted dense base,buttons,silk foil and a beaten coper heart each one unique, this one measures 7x 4 ins approx, has a small hanging bar on the back
Mixed Media Wallhanging, this one measures 4.5 x 4.5 ins approx, each one unique, this one has beads,silk and buttons and a heart motif

I have been very busy making the above over this weekend and am now all set to make lovely notebook pop back for a sneaky peak later in the week