Wednesday, 12 March 2014

the sun came out so all the dogs just followed it around to they could bask in its warmth..... divas!

Monday, 10 March 2014

just had a suspicious email, reportedly from Apple, decided it was dodgy so contaced Alpple myself , very good support they have, called me back right away and no it wasnt from them, now had to change my password on my email just in case...grr phishers
so now ive got this fabby combination going on here...take a peak !!!

the new necklace will be in the etsy shop soon

just back from the park....threw the balls and one just had to land in the hedge, the Holly bit of it and its really thick, found a long stick and got it out, the dogs thought it a good game

Sunday, 9 March 2014

so here are my Three Amigos..... .all love to be on the sofa or on the bed , not theirs. The new kong filling is keeping them occupied for 20 mins, cottage cheese,banana and peanut butter

home from work...guess what paid us a visit?
so we gave it some bread and it stayed for ages, it had better watch out for the cat, shes always coming in with mice, dont want her catching this

Saturday, 8 March 2014

I have been making rag bags lately and although they are time consuming, they are fun to make. It took much longer to prepare the fabric than i thought, i took and hour and a half to tear and join the strips to make just one of the bags above....quite a time taken up before you can even begin to crochet, and it hard on the hands too, the fabric is stiff and hard to crochet...but the outcome is lovely....i have two for myself, here they are
I am also writing a facebook page around my dogs, they are so funny at times and having adopted the young Cassie, the older two have perked up a lot, heres the linky to the page
The Three Amigos

off to work now, i dont like getting up at 5am but the lighter mornings are coming and its not so bad then