Thursday, 31 January 2013

just started reading "The Night Stalker" by Chris Carter and its so good ive not done anything else today, im almost at the end and ive just figured out who it is...i wont tell you , you need to read it yourself,also just finished Michael Marshall,"killer moves"..couldnt put that down either, read the " The straw man " first though.....hoping to get Robet Pobi's new one soon...I have Stuart McBrides latest one, unopened as of now, just waiting for me to open it, no wonder days slide past when ive got books open, dont know about you but sometimes i dont read for ages then i get a heap of books that are so good that i just cant stop reading, the ones i bought from the charity shop last week are untouched till i get through the ones from the library, anyone watching "The Following" ? i like it.......ive started recording most of the stuff we watch, that way you can skip all the annoying commercial breaks and save yourself around 20 mins in each hour of viewing...what do i do with the extra time ive saved? I read a book of course lol
wow....the wind last night was something else, got up to see something lying in the garden , about halfway down,as it got lighter i saw it was the big plastic cover for the cat shelter where i put the food for the cat and hedgehog, its very sturdy and i weigh it down with two half bricks, and here it was way down the garden, also, all the loose bark near the back door where the birds had been digging in it, has vanished , I wonder where its gone ?? oh well it will save me sweeping it up. Got very wet on the walk, doesnt help with Penny in tortoise mode, thought it might hurry her up if hubby walked on ahead with Rosie, but no, plod plod plod, not that hubby gets very far ahead as Rosie wont go without me, if she cant see me she sits down and waits and no amount of pulling will get her to go any further, one time we were in the woods, just got out of the car and Penny started to limp, so i says i'll go back to the car with her and hubby could carry on with Rosie, i just got her into the car and hubby was there, Rosie wouldnt go on the walk, she pulled to the car, so he sat in the car and i took Rosie on th walk...dogs !!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

So i posed a question on my Facebook business page as to which image attracted you to it the most, and oddly enough it was a 50/50 split, i welcome any feedback on which is best, as I have and Etsy shop and choosing how my photos should look is complicated, i know all backgrounds should be plain,white, beige or grey but im not really sure about using a mannequin or not, dont want the expense of buying one and it not generate any more cusom

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

 Bracelet with large heart charm and long bead..this is for a larger wrist size..8 ins overall
 "Believe" bracelet, 7 ins long with toggle clasp ,beads and charms
"Believe" bracelet with leaf and star charm and mottled bead,
£8 free Uk post
 "Believe" bracelet with large focal bead and charm
Chunky real suede bracelet with charm and focal bead

all thes and more available in my Etsy shop or my facebook page


Sunday, 13 January 2013

So..i was given a friendship cake, Herman, who been living with me for a week now and today is D-Day..time to split up the batch and bake a cake..supposed to split ito 4 and give away 3, i can only fob one person off with a batch so im left with 3, decided to keep one batch going and make the other two into edible yummies...well if you know me you will know that im not good on measuring stuff out, so im just using a cup as a measure..above are apples, choc, and the mix, its very sticky and tough to stir and im not putting in all the sugar that it we go, out of the oven they come
they look and smell really good, hubby is having first taste, hes the guinea pig...pronounced delish!!!, forgot to grease the tins so theyre not popping out  nice, a bits getting stuck, but they are ok, best freeze some or we'll be piling on the pounds, now i have my next batch to make in about 10 days