Monday, 17 December 2012

Chunky rustic look mug cosies in shades of has a blue mix running in it ..the other tans and purple

£7 plus P&P

My new cushion cover, its actually a bit darker brown that this shows but its lovely and warm to snuggle on as its wool

spent most of the night either throwing off the duvet..due to night sweats or sneezing due to blocked nose/runny nose..decide to just get up at 5.30 thought id take a lemsip..which i hate, but its helped a bit..thought id snuck out of the bedroom without hubby waking but a few mins later he came downstairs, seems when i threw the duvet off in the night it landed on him and he woke up thinking he was suffocating..still ....nice for him to share my troubles lol
I have been a good girl and asked Santa for bird seed, fat balls and peanuts to feed the hubby and i dont swap gifts but my friend Kate and i give needful things so that was what was on my list...we will be swapping gifts later in the week, will need to find someplace to store them in the garage, i use sealable plastic bins because one year...i knew we had a mouse, but i caught him.....then later on i decide to get a rug that i had in there to put down in my shed..very posh shed, i have a carpet in it...i pulled out this rolled up rug and it turned out the whole of the inside was full of peanuts..the little mouse had been storing them in there one at a time, so now, all nuts and seeds go into hard plastic containers.

Monday, 3 December 2012

New Kilt Pin Pendants on sale either in my Facebook page or in my Etsy shop

Facebook page

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday the 1st December and ...

Its SNOWING !!! big chunky flakes that are lying on the ground on top of the thick frost..the moon shining bright, no walk on the beach for the dogs, much as i was looking forward to it, i know exactly what the north sea wind is like and what inland feels a bit chilly is more like -5 on the beach ... so ,off to the woods it is