Monday, 9 June 2014

got these solar butterfly lights, hung them over the shed, they looked gret, then one night no light, only had them a week so i took them down and went into the garage to put them back in their box to go back to the shop with them.....they lit up in the garage, weird, so i lay them on the outside table and that night they lit up, so ive got them back on the shed and last night they lit up....dont know what was going on with them, maybe they were just on strike..
look who came for the fat balls today ...Mr Jackdaw

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

walking over the moor today i saw this snail with a whirl stripe on the shell, really pretty. Just saw the one deer, the grass is so high now is hard to spot them, had Cassie with me , here she is

 Here is Penny curled up cosy on the sofa
Do you think Rosie likes the new duvets?
 Tight squeeze with the new duvet, comfy though
Cassie will curl up at this end of the sofa