Saturday, 21 May 2011

Well, now its May and i have been such a bad blogger, never here, off doing other things, all of which you can see above in my newest pics. See..i havent been sitting around doing nothing i have been productive, and am now crocheting Jute bags, pics to follow later. And I have two batches of raspberry vinegar maturing in my fridge, salad seeds sown and ingredients all ready for my foray into soap making at the ready, may even start on Monday! So now you can see why i havent been bloging , ive been making instead XXX Later !


  1. Oh I love what you've been doing!! Let us know how the soap making goes, maybe a tutorial?

    Hugs XX

  2. Thanks Barbara, i havent started on the soap just yet, i sold a watch and earring set and my neighbour has asked me for some more items to display , so i have been making up a few scarf pins and felted brooches ,plus another watch, hope i sell some more things! I may open up on Etsy or Folksy this Autumn, Wish me luck!