Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Room full of dog duvets

whew...what a night, hardly got any sleep with Cassie crying off and on, kept getting up to pop her out in case she needed to wee, but she just blundered into stuff wearing that huge buster collar, finally gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs at 5....ended up me and Penny on the sofa ant the other two on duvets, my living room now has 3 doggie duvets on the floor and another in the kitchen...ive to keep Cassie quiet and not jumping up for 10 whole days !!! Really ? how is that ever going to happen?? I have a plan, she is either going to be watched by me or hubby, if neither of us can watch her, then collar on and into the kitchen and the door firmly shut.On a lighter note, the garden is looking so much brighter and bigger since we cut down our trees, a lot of work but it was worth it and will mean less work in the future..knitting a shocking pink tea cosy today, have to decide what accents to put on it...if i can stay awake that is

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