Friday, 13 November 2009

A knitted plastic bag

This is how to use up all those old plastic bags lurking in the cupboard. To make your bag, see 6th pic below this, first make a big ball of yarn by cutting off the handles and the closed edge of your plastic bags. Then cut them into 2in strips and link them together to make a long piece of yarn, wind into ball. I used about 100 bags to make mine. Cast on 40 sts on size 9mm needles and knit and knit and knit, till you get the length you want.Now put plasters on your fingers where you have blisters! The bag is made from one piece folded in half so you can choose your own size. Once you get to your choosen size, cast off. Then fold the bag over and with good thick garden twine, thread a darning needle and sew up both sides.To make the handles, pleat tog 2 lengths of plastic yarn and 1 length of garden twine, your finished handle is going to be half the length of your pleated yarn. When you get to the length you like, hold the 3 ends of the pleat and push through the bag body at the most convienient place for the handle to be sited and carefully push the pleated ends through a 2in metal washer. Then tie three big knots on top of each other, do this with all 4 handle ends. Finally, thread a darning needlle with a length of twine and sew through the middle of the washer in and out of the bag body all the way round the washer(about 6 times) then tie off close to washer witha surgeons knot.Hey presto a big stretchy bag that hold a lot of shopping.Go on get those needles out and get knitting....X

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  1. Great projects. I knitted a purse to felt but haven't felted it yet. I'm chicken to stick it in my front loading washing machine. I guess I will try and be brave and felt it this week.