Friday, 20 November 2009

now I know where the time goes

As you can see i have not ben idle in the past few weeks. I have actually made a couple of other things but they wont be seen till after Santa has been....
The weather has been very wet, so its just as well that ive had plenty to do.
I have made a scarf for Lewis and these stitch markers for a friend, also a big cosy mohair wrap for ME!!
My washing machine died...but I have a new one. To be honest, id had my moneys worth from the old one so im not complaining. The new one arrived and a half hour later i had it up and running a test wash, seem to take longer than my old machine but no matter.This one has a quick wash so that will be handy.
Soon we go on our holidays, cant wait! Kate will come round and pick up the mail and feed our adopted stray cat.She is really scared maybe shes gone feral, dont actually know if its a she or not and im not likely ever to find out the way she hisses at me.
Well..cant sit here all day...knitting to do XXX

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