Wednesday, 9 December 2009

not so everyday xmas tree

Here is my unsual xmas tree. It actually branches i found washed up on the beach, all bleached white from the sea. I have on it my collection of Delft ornaments bought in Amsterdam. See that Ferris Wheel? It was HUGE , biggest wheel ive ever seen, so no, I did not go up on it. Not many other people did either. To be honest, I had been looking forward to going to the Lille xmas market since booking the trip in April, and boy was I disappointed. It was tacky and just awful. There were the mooted 80 stalls, but about half were selling waffles, mulled wine or sausage. This was not what I had expected. The rest of the stalls were selling tat, nothing i would ever dream of giving to anyone. I felt sorry for the bus tours, people being dropped off at this market and the bus driving away, leaving you there all day, luckily Lille has many lovely shops, otherwise you would have had a long day to fill after you had spent all of the 10 mins needed at the market. Oh well, at least ive been now and dont need to wonder what its like, it is supposed to be one of the best in France, goodness knows what the others are like. That sauid we had a lovely holiday and would recommend the Beach Inn on Ostend prom for a meal, lovely staff , warm and cosy on a freezing day, only one of 5 cafes open in th eoff season m id week, but they were worth a mention for the value and size of portions. I was thinking that I wasnt going to be able to have my "Bitterballen" my fav food in Belguim, waffles aside, as the usual cafe we go to was closed, but this place was open and had them on the menu, they were lovey too, followed by icecream, yummy....All for now...XX


  1. I love the tree; I left you a comment on your old blog; I have added you to my favorites in my reader here at the new blog. I got to be your first follower here!! I am excited about that! Merry Christams to you my friend!