Wednesday, 9 December 2009

long time ago

27 years ago today, i met someone for the very first time. It was a difficult meeting, but not long afterwards I realised it was worth all the effort. I knew nothing about this person, and he, nothing of me.I wondered if I would get along with this person or if in the future we would go our seperate ways, lost to each other, always wondering if i could have done things differently, or staying close but not in each others pockets. I look back at our early times together, muddling along not really knowing if we were getting it right or wrong, time would tell.I know that there are things that should hve been done differently perhaps, but whos to say whats right or wrong good or bad. But I think time has told, and today I look at this person and feel love and joy and hope, because that person is ...My Son, see below then and now

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