Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hello, its mid April and its been snowing!! I havent been blogging for a while but as you can see by the above pics, ive not been sitting around doing nothing. The revamp of my garden was hard work! I have changed all the right hand side and now it wont be so much hard work inthe future. Whoever said gardening was a leisure pursuit must have been joking, there was nothing leisurly about this.But now that its done i plan on sitting out there reading, not working. I have one other master plan still to do, a very big job, havent really begun it yet, but its all going on in my head. I have about 9ft by 12ft of ground to dig out close to the house, remove 2ft of soil and take away to the skip, then build a retaining wall, maybe railway sleepers??? and then level the new bit off and put down bark chips to match the rest of the revamped area.I will really have to try and make a start on it this summer , so i hope there will be enough dry and warmish days for me to get going, my old bones no longer like working in the cold damp weather.

These scarves are a new project, no pattern, just make it up as you go along, same goes for the wool and size of needles. Gave one to Lisa for her birthday, and i even made the button from Fimo, a new craft that ive taken to .
Got to go, my friend wants me to knit body warmers for her ex-battery hens, no ive not gone senile, thats really what she wants! If you would like to see hens modelling said bodywarmers, www.monktonelmgardencentre.co.uk, you can get the pattern here too...happy knitting...X

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  1. Love the concept of body warmers for ex battery Hens. How blummin kind is that!