Friday, 30 April 2010

Hurray, I have finally finished redoing my garden. It has been a lot of work but deffinatly worth it. This ought to mean less work each year keeping it tidy
I took some of these from the upstairs window, and for once the sun was shining. When i was out there i found a tiny dead baby bird, must have been taken from a nest, poor little thing.I have loads of tadpoles in the pond now.When i was digging out the other day the ground in front of me began to move, i was a bit worried till i saw it was two frogs, they must have been disturbed with all the working so i put them into the pond.
Plenty of places to sit now, and maybe i can get a gazebo!!! That way i could sit out in the rain and listen to it fall all around me without getting wet. Must try for some pics in the dark when my lights come on.
I suppose this now means i will have to get on with knitting bodywarmers for Kates hens!
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