Monday, 25 February 2013

rice cakes for lunch yesterday...trying to lose a few pounds before i go on holiday..its a losing battle really...and after a week, rice cakes and ryvitas tend to lose their appeal, and this is only day 1

wow its cold this to work in a bit, ordered some Mulberry paper to decoupage my mannequin with, decided it was worth the expensive paper as i want it to last longer, chose a not too "bitty" type , think its just called banana..hope it comes soon, and the gluing will begin! or i may just paint it ?

But first i must use my stepper, hate the dam thing but needs must..............

Just limped off my easier today, ironic though, the 3rd Bee Gees song..staying live !! but feeling half pathetic am i ? 15mins tops and im done, my own fault, i hate exercise of any kind, except walking and the dogs cant walk fast now,and im not going round the streets on my own, and i never stick at a class, fancied zumba then thought twice,cause id be the one at the back having a heart attack after 5 stepper it is...i feel ok now, coffee is calling

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