Thursday, 31 January 2013

just started reading "The Night Stalker" by Chris Carter and its so good ive not done anything else today, im almost at the end and ive just figured out who it is...i wont tell you , you need to read it yourself,also just finished Michael Marshall,"killer moves"..couldnt put that down either, read the " The straw man " first though.....hoping to get Robet Pobi's new one soon...I have Stuart McBrides latest one, unopened as of now, just waiting for me to open it, no wonder days slide past when ive got books open, dont know about you but sometimes i dont read for ages then i get a heap of books that are so good that i just cant stop reading, the ones i bought from the charity shop last week are untouched till i get through the ones from the library, anyone watching "The Following" ? i like it.......ive started recording most of the stuff we watch, that way you can skip all the annoying commercial breaks and save yourself around 20 mins in each hour of viewing...what do i do with the extra time ive saved? I read a book of course lol

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