Sunday, 13 January 2013

So..i was given a friendship cake, Herman, who been living with me for a week now and today is D-Day..time to split up the batch and bake a cake..supposed to split ito 4 and give away 3, i can only fob one person off with a batch so im left with 3, decided to keep one batch going and make the other two into edible yummies...well if you know me you will know that im not good on measuring stuff out, so im just using a cup as a measure..above are apples, choc, and the mix, its very sticky and tough to stir and im not putting in all the sugar that it we go, out of the oven they come
they look and smell really good, hubby is having first taste, hes the guinea pig...pronounced delish!!!, forgot to grease the tins so theyre not popping out  nice, a bits getting stuck, but they are ok, best freeze some or we'll be piling on the pounds, now i have my next batch to make in about 10 days

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