Friday, 1 February 2013

Here are my two doggies in the car after their walk
saw 4 deer and a buzzard on our walk this morning, its getting a lot lighter now...spring is maybe coming...strike that, snow is forecast for tonight and zero temps tomorrow morning, best keep my big winter jacket out, got this jacket many moons ago, and im talking maybe 16 or so yrs,in a outlet in Yorkshire, just off the A66, think they turned into into housing now, i bought it a bit on the big size, its now really too big but its got an advantage, i can now wear a cardigan and a body warmer under it..and 2 yrs ago when we had that really bad winter and i had to walk to work, i was so glad of this jacket, i was nice and cosy in all the layers plus its got a huge every winter i dig it out of the wardrobe and wear it to go to work

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