Saturday, 2 February 2013

NEW....lovely soft cowl in chunky soft wool mix yarn, 23 cms deep, £16 plus P&P


Back from work now, the grit hubby put out made a big difference, the sun is trying to melt the snow....the birds are hungry, ive got loads of crusts for them today and fat balls, wish the Waxwings would visit my garden...had to break the ice on the pond and straight away, Robin went and got a drink....snooker this afternoon....later yesterday i decide to make a cowl, so i reminded myself how the pattern went then i cast on the 49 sts, for a min i couldnt work out how i could crochet into the 4th stitch, then i realised, it was because id done a knit cast on not a crochet one and was holding knitting needles and not a crochet hook....oh dear things are getting worse lol

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